All in all

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote; it’s not that I haven’t written, it’s that I haven’t been enjoying myself while I’m writing.

Defining enjoy myself while writing: to write for the sake of writing, not learning nor creating something especially valuable. When we write without the pressure of writing a Pulitzer winner (like if), maybe we can start focusing on what we like to write about.

Now, I can tell you that I’m writing about the physical burden of mental activities.

We often neglect the physical burden of mental issues, whether we overestimate our capabilities or we underestimate our limitations, we’re not exactly the best at weighing  what we do within our minds.

It’s all in the mind. Let’s say that’s true, so we’d need to reject the physiological basis of what we call love calling mind. Doing this would be very difficult to accomplish, given that we can trace back a lot of mind functions to actual neural configurations.

That sounds obvious when just read, but think of all the great minds that fail to recognize the physical basis of cognition. How many science prodigies and art virtuosos can we count in the subset of unstable peeps? How many of them get the help they need? We all know it’s all in our heads, but we can’t control it. We aren’t even good at doing something about it.

To claim that we can control our neural configurations in the short-term, is to claim that we can control hunger or thirst by closing or moving your eyes in a certain way. To claim that our minds can be controlled equals claiming that –somehow – we can cure bipolar or autism specter disorders just by wishing it with all our hearts.

Can we know about our mind processes? Yes. Can we learn about their neural basis? Yes. Can we do something about them? Maybe in the long-term, yes.

We could say that it’s all in the mind, and the mind is all in the brain. Now, stop for a minute and reflect on your mental health and well-being. Maybe that will do something in the short-term.


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