Frodo takes tea with Sauron: Open Access in Science Magazine

Looking back into the past (googling myself), I found a beautiful piece of irony I wrote.

About a year ago (April 2013), Science Magazine released an edition of  NextGen VOICES, where aspiring and young scientists answered a given question, and the best answers got published in the magazine. The question was:

Ideally, how will scientists share their results with each other and the public in 50 years?

Actually, the future of scientific publication looks promising: The use of Internet has broken through the barriers of space, and now, it’s available everywhere; and the number of potential great scientists keeps increasing around the world. If this phenomenon continues, in 50 years, the access to day-to-day scientific knowledge will be well spread in society, and open the way to new ideas that lead to new investigation in all fields. Every human being has the right to information and knowledge; to promote and respect this right, the access to scientific publication should be more open.

And got published[1]…

I strongly believe what I said then, and now I’m volunteering with the Open Access Button in concordance with such belief. But now, I feel like Frodo taking the tea with Sauron: everything I said about the openness of science, I said it in the archetype journal of non-open access.

In my defense, getting published was a self-esteem enhancer and I defended the Open Access movement.


[1] Science 5 April 2013: 
      vol. 340 no. 6128 pp. 28-30 
      DOI: 10.1126/science.340.6128.28




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