First entry: Post-writing desensitization

This is not the first blog I write. I’ve created, and then deleted, many blog sites. Writing has always been something personal to me, and the feeling of being naked to the readers’ eyes isn’t exactly the best feeling. I guess I’m shy, and that’s why I erase any traces of past writings.

Every new blog is a new beginning; and I’m really nervous about this new one. Wait… Why should I be nervous if this post won’t be a bestseller? Or even more, it will not reach much more than a couple of readers? Read or not read, liked or not liked, I should write if that’s what.

Read or not read, liked or not liked, I should write. That’s what I want to do, and that should be enough.

Actually this post is not for you, it’s for me. It is a way to prove myself that I can create this -and not delete it in a few days-. I’ll call it post-writing stress desensitization. I won’t delete it. I won’t.

What should you expect to find here?

In this world of words, I can imagine how high are the standards of the blog readers, and how easily they can stop reading. At any moment. And if, surprisingly, you’re still reading this, I appreciate it.

For the record, this blog will be my personal website, where I post or upload anything I consider worth sharable. If I take a nice photo, I’ll upload it here; if I write anything, expect it here; if I publish something anywhere else, expect it here also; if record myself playing some music, listen to me here… And of course, everything here is under a Creative Commons License, in other words: open, adaptable, and freely redistributable for any purpose.

If you’re still reading, and you’ve noticed any grammar/syntax/spelling errors please tell me. English is not my mother language, spanish is.

I intend to translate everything I write to spanish. I’m not sure if this would be ideally done in another blog or another section of this very blog.  If you have any suggestions of how to do this, please tell.

Read you later.



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